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A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder’ on BBC Drama: Anna Maxwell Martin Joins Emma Myers (EXCLUSIVE)

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder' on BBC Drama Anna Maxwell Martin Joins Emma Myers (EXCLUSIVE)

Anna Maxwell Martin, known for her role in “Motherland,” is the latest addition to the cast of the BBC drama series “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” as revealed by Variety.

In the series, she will take on the role of Leanne, who is the mother of the lead character, Pip Fitz-Amobi, played by Emma Myers from “Wednesday.” Gary Beadle, known for “Small Axe,” portrays Pip’s father, Victor, while Mathew Baynton joins the cast as Elliot Ward.

The screen adaptation of Holly Jackson’s popular mystery series is produced by BBC Three, Moonage Pictures (“The Pursuit of Love”), and German co-production partner ZDFneo. The show is set to air on BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK. BBC Studios, which holds a minority stake in Moonage Pictures and is responsible for international distribution, will be launching sales at Mipcom.

“A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” revolves around the story of a murdered schoolgirl named Andie Bell. Although everyone, including the police, suspects her boyfriend Sal Singh, Pip, portrayed by Myers, isn’t so sure. The logline poses the question: “If Sal Singh isn’t a murderer and the real killer is still out there, how far will they go to keep Pip from the truth?”

The cast is rounded out by Henry Ashton as Max Hastings, Mitu Panicucci as Stella Chapman, India Lillie Davies as Andie Bell, Rahul Pattni as Sal Singh, Orla Hill as Ruby Foxcroft, Ephraim O.P. Sampson as Jake Lawrence, Carla Woodcock as Becca, Yasmin Al-Khudhairi as Naomi Ward, Jessica Webber as Nat Da Silva, Matthew Khan as Dylan, Georgia Aaron as Emma Hutton, Adam Astill as Toby Hastings, and Annabel Mullion as Rosie Hastings.

Zain Iqbal plays Ravi, Asha Banks (“The Magic Flute”) is Cara, Yali Topol Margalith (“The Tattoist of Auschwitz”) is Lauren, Jude Collie (“Here We Go”) is Connor, and Raiko Gohara (“Get Lost”) is Zach.

The six-episode series, which recently wrapped in the Southwest of England, is written by Poppy Cogan in collaboration with Zia Ahmed, Ajoke Ibironke, and Ruby Thomas. Florence Walker serves as the producer, while executive producers include Matthew Read, Matthew Bouch, and Frith Tiplady for Moonage Pictures, Lucy Richer and Danielle Scott-Haughton for the BBC, and Dolly Wells, Holly Jackson, and Poppy Cogan.

Anna Maxwell Martin expressed her enjoyment in being a part of “A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder” and praised the cast, crew, and creatives. Holly Jackson expressed her excitement over the cast’s additions, noting how perfect they are for their respective characters and that it felt like watching the books come to life. She also mentioned the fun they had making the TV show and eagerly anticipates its arrival on TV screens.

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