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Altered State Production’s Immersive Entry into the Podcast World, Blending Sounds

Altered State Production's Immersive Entry into the Podcast World, Blending Sounds

In the dynamic world of event planning, meticulous attention to detail is paramount. It’s a complex choreography of ideas, logistics, and flawless execution, where the ability to envision an experience and bring it to life is the key to success. Whether orchestrating intimate gatherings or grand corporate affairs, each event presents its unique blend of opportunities and challenges.

At the heart of this industry are the dedicated professionals, businesses, and individuals who invest countless hours perfecting every element to craft unforgettable experiences. They deftly navigate client expectations, budgetary constraints, last-minute alterations, and, more recently, the profound shifts triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. These individuals are not merely event planners; they are memory-makers, relationship-builders, and trendsetters in the industry.

Nestled in the heart of California’s bustling event planning landscape, What You Want Productions is a company wholly committed to delivering exceptional entertainment experiences that have enthralled and inspired countless Californians. Behind What You Want Productions stands a diverse team of talented professionals led by siblings Kym Wollner and Brandon Wollner.

“The event planning industry is incredibly dynamic, and one lesson we’ve learned over time is that adaptability is the key to success in this field. We must be prepared to pivot at any moment to meet not only customer demand but also the ever-evolving trends,” explains Kym.

What You Want Productions was born in 2007, initially starting with audio equipment for events. However, they later transitioned into video production due to increased demand and profitability. Despite a sluggish start, the company’s team worked diligently to create a well-rounded offering that could cater to the diverse needs and desires of their clients.

From LED wall rentals and video projections to permanent installations, What You Want Productions has consistently delivered exceptional and timely results, regardless of a client’s specific requirements. Right from the beginning, the team displayed a remarkable ability to adapt quickly, even accommodating last-minute requests within 24 hours when necessary.

The company’s impressive portfolio doesn’t only include everyday clients but also showcases collaborations with giants in the entertainment industry, such as Hulu, Disney, and Paramount Studios.

What truly distinguishes the company from its competitors is its meticulous approach and unwavering attention to detail. The team guides clients through every facet of the event planning process, ensuring that each detail aligns with the client’s vision while remaining within budget. “We make sure that if a client has an idea that may not be feasible, we advise them on how to adjust their concept,” Kym adds.

While many companies, both within and beyond California, faced significant challenges during the recent pandemic, What You Want Productions adapted by adding virtual and hybrid events to their repertoire.

“We began live streaming during the pandemic, using our LED wall in a warehouse as a backdrop for virtual events. Virtual events were manageable, but hybrid events posed challenges, requiring a virtual co-host and impeccable audio,” Kym explains.

In addition to their unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, What You Want Productions is notable for its treatment of its team members. The company is defined by its respect and care for its crew, ensuring that their team is well taken care of and comfortable, recognizing that their well-being plays a pivotal role in the success of their events.

“Treating our crew well is a matter of basic humanity. They are the ones who make the event possible by setting up the equipment and ensuring everything runs smoothly. It’s important to show them respect and provide for their basic needs,” Kym emphasizes.

As their business continues to thrive, the What You Want Productions team has set their sights on the future. While their primary operations are centered in Los Angeles and Greater California, they have their eyes on expanding further. “We are considering expansion into Texas, but for now, our goal is to solidify our market here, streamline our operations to minimize daily challenges, and then contemplate broader expansion,” says Brandon. “Whatever the future holds, we’ll be prepared for it.”

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