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Born to Fly: A Film on Pole-Vaulting Champion Armand Duplantis” Acquired by Red Bull Studios for Global Release

Born to Fly A Film on Pole-Vaulting Champion Armand Duplantis Acquired by Red Bull Studios for Global Release

Pole-vaulting sensation Armand “Mondo” Duplantis could be on the cusp of another record-breaking feat as Red Bull Studios continues to distribute “Born to Fly,” a documentary feature film chronicling his remarkable journey.

The film has already found distribution in various countries, including Germany (Sky), France (Canal+), Switzerland (3+ and RTS), Norway (NRK), Finland (MTV3), Spain (Movistar Plus+), Belgium (VRT), and Estonia (ERR).

Sebastian Burkhardt, the head of partnerships and commercial strategy at Red Bull Studios, expressed enthusiasm for the global exposure of this extraordinary athlete and his sport, highlighting the international partnerships.

Directed by Brennan Robideaux, who dedicated six years to following Duplantis, the documentary portrays his evolution from a child prodigy to a world champion and Olympic gold medalist, even recently setting a new world record in September.

Robideaux, reflecting on the project, shared his fascination with Mondo’s dedication to his goal and the exploration of a relatively unfamiliar sport, especially in the United States. He found Mondo’s relentless pursuit of a lofty dream captivating.

Red Bull Studios collaborated on the film with Robideaux’s Robi Creative, BCII Production, and Backflip Media Stockholm. Following a theatrical release in Sweden and a broadcast premiere on public broadcaster SVT, the documentary is set to have its North American debut at the Austin Film Festival.

Robideaux described the film as a present-tense journey of Mondo’s quest for greatness, with an essential backdrop of his life story and that of his father. It’s a biographical narrative and a coming-of-age tale rolled into one.

The director recounted the arduous journey of creating the documentary, with financial struggles and setbacks in Mondo’s career often testing his resolve.

Now, Robideaux hopes that “Born to Fly” will resonate beyond the realm of sports. He sees it as a story that delves into the relationship between a father and son while also documenting the journey of one of the greatest athletes of our time. It’s a tale of potential decades-long dominance in track and field, poised to redefine the sport.

Reflecting on his growth during the project, Robideaux acknowledged the evolution he experienced as a filmmaker from the age of 21 when he began filming to his current status at 28, with his first child on the way.

He emphasized the importance of finding the personal story within the dramatic context of sports and how it can resonate with a broad audience, even those who might not have previously been interested in the sport.

Robideaux concluded by highlighting the growing recognition among major companies and rights holders of sports that personal stories can enhance the audience’s engagement with the sport itself. He expressed his availability and enthusiasm for future projects in this vein.

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