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Cappuccino, Blaq Pages, and More Ignite R. Ray Robinson’s Afro House Experience!

Cappuccino, Blaq Pages, and More Ignite R. Ray Robinson's Afro House Experience!

Come on, let’s dance to it! Come on, let’s groove to it! Come on, let’s sway to it! Come on, let’s bop to it! Come on, let’s rock to it! Come on, let’s wiggle with it! Come on…! Feel the rhythm!”

These were the words that set everyone’s feet in motion at the Afro House Party. The musical event started with a bang, featuring thumping beats, a diverse crowd of partygoers, and an overall energetic atmosphere. Attendees included artists, dancers, actors, actresses, models, fans, and, of course, DJs. Each and every person in the audience had an amazing time, grooving to the infectious musical vibes of the night. Capturing all the electrifying energy of the event was the talented videographer, filmmaker, and photographer, R. Ray Robinson of arrriseandgrindproductions.

Arie, also known as @ordinary_arie on Instagram, extended an invitation to R. Ray Robinson, a fellow friend and musician from USC. She recommended that he attend the Afro House Party at Hotel Figueroa in downtown Los Angeles, California, to experience the music of a group called Cappuccino.

During his attendance, Ray encountered numerous remarkable individuals, with Cappuccino taking center stage.

Cappuccino Djs, also known as Cappuccino (@cappuccinodjs on Instagram), consists of a dynamic duo: Kameni Ngahdeu, hailing from Cameroon, and Jochem Visser, a native of the Netherlands. According to their artist profile on RA Electronic music online (, this electronic music duo has been making waves since 2019. The name “Cappuccino” is a fitting metaphor for the way they blend their music, like the ingredients of a cappuccino. They infuse Afro House/Tech sounds, akin to milk, with traditional West African percussions, like cream, creating a delightful auditory experience for their audiences. The duo’s name may also hint at the contrast in their backgrounds, one member being white and the other black, drawing parallels to coffee, dark and mixed with cream. Regardless of the inspiration, Cappuccino’s fusion of skills and styles results in musical brilliance for all to enjoy.

Cappuccino’s performance at the Afro House Party was truly unforgettable. Their set was infused with rich cultural elements that resonated with the crowd. Whether it was the traditional African rhythms or instruments, or the captivating African vocals woven into their music, everyone was entranced by the experience. The addition of thunderous drums and horns at key moments added to the overall excitement.

In addition to Cappuccino’s crowd-rocking performance, other DJs were also present, including catandmaomi (@catandmaomi) and Blaq Pages (@blaq.pages). They shared their love for melodious and culturally rich Afro House music, adding to the lively atmosphere of the party. Dj Marlon, known as Marlos Brando (@marlosbrando), was among the attendees. Sihle Vilakazi (@sihle_vilakazi), a rising starlet known for her work as a model and actress, was especially spirited on the dance floor. She danced with such enthusiasm to Blaq Pages’ beats that some might have mistaken her for a champion from “Dancing With The Stars.” Her energetic traditional African dance moves even inspired those around her to join in. In summary, the Afro House Party was an unforgettable event, etching its place in history.

For more updates on these artists and DJs, check out their social media profiles on Instagram: @cappuccinodjs, @catandmaomi, @marlosbrando, @sihle_vilakazi, @blaq.pages, and @ordinary_arie.

To explore more of R. Ray Robinson’s photography, videography, and articles on music events, follow him on social media and Instagram: @arrriseandgrindprod1,, and his YouTube channel: arrriseandgrindproductions.

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