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Celebrating Life Through Surf, Comedy, and Sustainability with Beach Bums Never Dies

Celebrating Life Through Surf, Comedy, and Sustainability with Beach Bums Never Dies

Beach Bums Never Die, a vibrant community for creative souls, is set to host an exciting event on March 29th in Los Angeles, California. This event, aptly named HIGH TIDE, is an evening of comedy in collaboration with the well-loved Can’t Even Comedy, a prominent comedy organization.

The venue for this gathering is none other than the Beach Bums Never Die Studio, conveniently situated at 2404 #4i Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057. The festivities kick off at 7 pm with an electrifying DJ set, followed by the comedic extravaganza at 8 pm. The lineup boasts a talented ensemble featuring Caitlin Benson, Leroy, Willie Macc, Dan Paustian, and Colin Coughlin. To cap off the night, there’s another exciting DJ set by Earoh. Don’t miss out on securing your HIGH TIDE tickets today.

One of the highlights of the HIGH TIDE event is the limited collaboration shirt available for purchase. This exclusive shirt serves as a wonderful way to express your dedication to the Beach Bums Never Die lifestyle and the brand’s core values: Sustainability, Hard Work, Celebration, and Legacy. Each shirt has a dual purpose, serving as your entry pass to future events (comedy shows, lively parties, music performances, and more) and as a means to earn discounts on the diverse array of services and experiences that BBND offers.

Beach Bums Never Die takes its stand on sustainability. All their pieces are sourced from various thrift stores, estate sales, or have been generously donated from across the West Coast. Just like each of us as individuals, every item is unique and one-of-a-kind. Beach Bums Never Die urges everyone to reflect on how they can make a positive impact while on their personal journey.

At present, you can groove with The Beach Bums through their Surf/Trip, a full-day immersion in high vibes and high tides. This exciting experience begins with a ride in the Inferno, a fiery red 1969 VW van, which embarks on a journey to one of California’s stunning beaches for surfing lessons, a yakitori grill lunch, and a micro adventure. You can also enlist the Beach Bums’ services to host your very own beach party or event, be it a graduation celebration, birthday bash, corporate function, wedding, open mic night, music festival, or private dinner.

The Surf/Trip experience emphasizes breaking free from the confines of your comfort zone and embracing a life free from the everyday rat race. Each experience comes complete with a BBND shirt and a photobook zine, preserving the memories of your Surf/Trip with Beach Bums Never Die.

Legacy is an integral pillar of the Beach Bums Never Die community. It all began as a college party in 2014, and it has since evolved into a thriving community where we can all celebrate life and connect through the moments we live. The forthcoming HIGH TIDE event by Beach Bums Never Die promises to be an exhilarating night of comedy and positive vibes. This event presents a unique opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and showcase your commitment to the Beach Bums Never Die community. If you are unable to attend the event in person, you can still become part of the community by ordering a shirt online at or scheduling an appointment to visit the showroom in Los Angeles via email at [email protected].

Beach Bums Never Die is a vibrant community for creative individuals who value sustainability, hard work, celebration, and legacy. The upcoming HIGH TIDE event is an excellent opportunity to become a part of this community and connect with like-minded souls. The limited collaboration shirt available for purchase is a fantastic way to display your commitment to the lifestyle and its core values. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to join the Beach Bums Never Die community. Join HIGH TIDE and start building your legacy with Beach Bums Never Die today.

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