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Electric Hybrid Mini Countryman | The Coolector

Electric Hybrid Mini Countryman

When we spontaneously decided to return to our hometown, the Peak District, we were fortunate enough to have the new MINI Countryman Electric Hybrid as our vehicle of choice. As the saying goes, “good things come in small packages.” Despite its MINI branding, the Countryman is far from small, making it the ideal companion for our journey to explore the stunning green landscapes around Bakewell and the Peaks in the UK.

The MINI Countryman Electric Hybrid is available with prices starting from £38,000, and it’s an impressive vehicle both inside and out. We had quite a bit of luggage for our Peak District trip, but this compact yet well-designed car effortlessly accommodated all our belongings. We also had the official MINI Roof Rack as an additional feature, which proved to be quite handy. The MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid SUV offers ample space for its passengers and the adventurous spirit needed to tackle various journeys while minimizing emissions along the way.

This top-tier MINI vehicle is equipped with both a combustion engine and an electric motor, providing an electrifying driving experience for both everyday commutes and special getaways, such as our hilly excursion to the unpredictable Peak District. Few cars can match the smart technology of the high-tech lithium-ion battery that powers the MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid. With an advanced cooling system that maintains the battery at its optimal temperature, it excels in terms of performance and longevity.

The car can travel up to 26 miles in electric mode without producing any local CO2 emissions, which is a valuable buffer if you find yourself far from a petrol station. The transition between eDrive and petrol drive is seamless and entirely automated, ensuring a smooth driving experience. Whether you’re carrying strollers, luggage, or even your furry friend (if you have one), the MINI Countryman Plug-in Hybrid offers flexible cargo space for all your road trip essentials, with up to 1000 liters of space when the seats are folded down. We were impressed with how well it handled and the thoughtful tech features throughout our journey here at The Status Life.

Inside the MINI Countryman that accompanied us on our road trip to the Peak District, we were not disappointed. It boasted fantastic technological additions such as parking assist, a rearview camera, and a 6.5″ touchscreen display that illuminated both the car and our spirits. This was our first time driving the Countryman, and we were thoroughly impressed with the spaciousness it provided and the first-class comfort during our fairly extensive drive. We wholeheartedly recommend it.

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