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Hippo Accepts Extension of 3-Year IKBBI Sponsorship

Hippo Accepts Extension of 3-Year IKBBI Sponsorship

Today, the iKBBI (Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installers) has officially announced that HIPPO™, a nationally recognized waste logistics company, has chosen to extend its corporate sponsorship of the institute for an additional three years.

HIPPO™ is a highly innovative and leading provider of waste solutions in the country. They have been steadfast supporters of the iKBBI for an extended period, all the while offering a remarkably flexible service to its members.

Gareth Lloyd-Jones, the Managing Director of HIPPO™, expressed his enthusiasm about the sponsorship extension, stating, “We are thrilled to renew our partnership with the iKBBI and continue to contribute to their mission of supporting members in the Kitchen, Bedroom, and Bathroom industry. We are particularly impressed by their dedication to enhancing education, service quality, and industry standards.”

CEO of the iKBBI, Damian Walters, emphasized the pivotal role that sponsorship plays in the institute’s operations, stating, “Sponsorship is integral to the iKBBI. The funds generated from these partnerships are directly invested in our ongoing, exciting initiatives, including our strong commitment to apprenticeships and continuous learning opportunities for industry professionals.”

Damian further elaborated, “We take immense pride in our association with esteemed industry brands, especially HIPPO™. Their remarkable environmental policies and recycling rates are commendable, and their consistently high customer satisfaction rate, even in the face of substantial company growth, is truly impressive. Their dedication to providing a service-focused waste solution that caters to the specific needs of the KBB sector is a testament to their deep understanding of the industry.”

HIPPO™, renowned for their innovative yellow HIPPOBAG™, serves the waste removal requirements of a diverse range of industries, ranging from facilities management to the construction sector. The company presently collaborates with several KBB retailers, including John Lewis, an iKBBI Installation Standards Partner. The iKBBI will continue to support HIPPOTRADE™, HIPPO’s customized service for professional tradespeople. In the coming weeks, the Institute will further communicate the commercial advantages of this partnership to its members.

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