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I’m Always Intrigued With Subverting Genres, Says ‘Game of Thrones’ Producer Frank Doelger About His New Series, the Utopia-Set ‘Concordia’

I'm Always Intrigued With Subverting Genres, Says 'Game of Thrones' Producer Frank Doelger About His New Series, the Utopia-Set 'Concordia'

Producer Frank Doelger, known for his work on shows like “Game of Thrones,” “The Swarm,” “John Adams,” and “Rome,” is set to premiere a new series called “Concordia” at the Cannes Mipcom trade fair on October 17. In an interview, Doelger discussed the inspiration behind “Concordia,” the impact of AI, the series’ thriller elements, and the ambivalence surrounding the concept of utopia.

Doelger explained that “Concordia” was inspired by the idea of creating a utopian society using AI surveillance to ensure the well-being of its residents. He wanted to explore whether AI could serve as a guardian angel, fostering security and thoughtful decision-making.

The series features elements of a murder mystery and a race against time, with Thea, an external investigator, and Isabelle, a Concordia security officer, working together to solve crimes. However, the drama delves into the darker origins of Concordia’s creation.

Doelger highlighted that “Concordia” is set in the present rather than the future, and the technology depicted in the show is based on current capabilities. The aim was to create a town that could be replicated in the real world using sustainable and practical design.

The production design of “Concordia” aims for authenticity, focusing on a real-world experiment where philanthropists and entrepreneurs have created a successful community. The setting and technology used in the series are meant to reflect the achievable nature of such a project.

Doelger also touched upon the industry context of the series, where it aligns with both the Nordic Noir genre and the strategies of European public broadcasters in producing premium series.

Regarding his role as an auteur, Doelger expressed a strong desire to create intellectually stimulating series that address important societal issues. He hopes his work can make an impact on how people think and behave, emphasizing themes of hope in his narratives.

In conclusion, “Concordia” aims to be a thought-provoking series that combines elements of utopia, AI surveillance, crime thriller, and intellectual exploration, set in the present with an impact-driven message.

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