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Is Olivia Wilde Attempting to Enrage Harry Styles? The Greatest Singer in the World Is Justin Bieber

Is Olivia Wilde Attempting to Enrage Harry Styles The Greatest Singer in the World Is Justin Bieber

Olivia Wilde, who had criticized Justin Bieber in the past, recently praised him as “the greatest singer on Earth” during an appearance on “SubwayTakes.” Wilde’s earlier comment in 2013, where she told Bieber to “put your f**king shirt on,” had drawn negative attention from Bieber’s fans. However, she explained that her comment came from a place of concern and was not intended as criticism.

Wilde’s shift in opinion about Bieber has raised eyebrows and led to speculation about her intentions. Some have suggested it might be a subtle dig at her ex-boyfriend, Harry Styles, who is also a singer.

Wilde and Styles were in a serious relationship for nearly two years before they broke up in late 2021. While initially described as a “break,” it eventually became a full-on breakup, particularly after Styles was seen kissing Emily Ratajkowski. The break was reportedly due to their busy schedules, with Styles still touring and Wilde focusing on her children and work in Los Angeles.

Wilde’s recent praise for Bieber and her change in perspective have left fans and media outlets intrigued about her evolving views on musicians.

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