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Kesha Searches for ‘Sugar Daddy’ After First-Ever Breakup

Kesha Searches for 'Sugar Daddy' After First-Ever Breakup

When Kesha candidly shared on social media that she had experienced her first-ever breakup, she proved once again why she’s such a relatable celebrity.

The 36-year-old singer of “Die Young” took to the platform to connect with her 3 million followers, writing, “I just got dumped for the first time… in my LIFE… Can you believe it?” She added a touch of dark humor, saying, “We’re all f****.”

The “Gag Order” songstress didn’t stop there, being refreshingly honest about her dating struggles, admitting, “I mostly want a sugar daddy.”

In a playful move, Kesha concluded her post by challenging eligible bachelors to “DM me.” She was open with her fans about her breakup but kept her mystery ex-boyfriend’s identity under wraps. However, this summer, she was spotted getting cozy with Hollywood producer and director Riccardo Maddalosso.

Their romance became public a month before Kesha spoke about an unnamed man in a June interview with SELF magazine. Before their May PDA moment, the pair had been seen together on the red carpet and enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s Day meal at Santa Monica’s popular Giorgio Baldi. Although they were often spotted in public together, Kesha mentioned her “boyfriend” only once in the SELF cover story.

In the interview, she playfully remarked, “The only thing I’ll say about my boyfriend is: Sometimes, he has to have a face cream intervention and take them away from me.” She recounted a funny incident where her facial cream caused hives, leaving her boyfriend in shock, asking her, “What did you do?!?”

Despite her relationship ups and downs, Kesha achieved a significant victory this year by settling her prolonged defamation lawsuit against music producer Dr. Luke. Both parties reached a settlement a month before the case was set to go to trial. Kesha expressed her relief that the legal battle had finally concluded in a joint statement.

She said, “Closing this chapter and opening a new one is something I am looking forward to. I hope that everyone involved finds peace.” Kesha’s commitment to starting anew was evident when she changed the name of her upcoming tour from the Gag Order tour to the Only Love tour. The Kesha Only Love tour is set to kick off in Dallas, Texas, on October 15.

Kesha had accused Dr. Luke of drugging, raping, and emotionally abusing her during their years of collaboration, leading her to file a lawsuit against him in October 2014. He vehemently denied all the allegations. Kesha sought to terminate her contract, but Dr. Luke countersued her for defamation and breach of contract, leading to a series of legal battles over the years. Under Dr. Luke’s label, Gag Order, Kesha’s music is now available.

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