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Meet Taste Club: Your Passport to Privileged Dining and Travel Experiences

Meet Taste Club Your Passport to Privileged Dining and Travel Experiences

Members of the Taste Club will receive priority access to a growing list of celebrated chefs and eateries nationwide. Taste Club chefs are leaders in their culinary specializations and communities, as well as being recognized by the James Beard Foundation and the Michelin Guide, and they are ready to make use of their association with Taste Club to offer their customers one-of-a-kind experiences. Taste Club today revealed its original 12 culinary partners. Featured in Taste Club

Taste Club, a national dining and luxury travel club, is scheduled for launch in May 2023 and is backed by an exceptional concierge team.

This innovative club not only offers unique dining and travel experiences but also contributes to non-profits within the hospitality industry while promoting independent restaurants. Taste Club members will enjoy exclusive access to dining experiences curated by renowned chefs and restaurant partners. They will also have the opportunity to indulge in bespoke luxury travel experiences and gain insider access to premier events and elite accommodations. To enhance convenience, Taste Club employs cutting-edge technology and offers transferable memberships. The membership structure includes a one-time initiation fee of $7,500 and monthly dues of $300.

Taste Club has partnered with esteemed chefs for its foundation, such as Jose´ Andre´s, Michael Anthony, Rick Bayless, David Barzelay, Katianna Hong & John Hong, Aisha Ibrahim, Brandon Jew, Jordan Kahn, Walter Manzke & Margarita Manzke, Wolfgang Puck, Melissa Rodriguez, and Jeremiah Stone & Fabia´n von Hauske Valtierra. To provide exceptional value to its members, Taste Club has also assembled a team of luxury travel experts, including Hans & Maureen Paap, Leigh Rowan, and Michael Shane Stephens.

Furthermore, Taste Club is dedicated to contributing over $1,000,000 to organizations that support the hospitality industry, with the James Beard Foundation as the primary beneficiary. The club has also chosen to partner with the non-profit organization Zero Foodprint to support sustainability efforts, donating $50,000 to fund grants for farmers practicing regenerative farming methods.

For those interested in becoming a member, applications can be submitted through the Taste Club website, and updates can be followed on social media via @tasteclublife on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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