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Software Engineers Point to Cyber Terrorism as Their Biggest Concern

Software Engineers Point to Cyber Terrorism as Their Biggest Concern

A recent survey conducted by Evans Data reveals that EMEA software developers consider cyber terrorism to be the most significant threat with an escalating impact on the business sector. Over one-third of software developers in the EMEA region express extreme concern about the menace of cyber terrorism, attributing this unease to the absence of a formal security policy during the development phases.

The palpable threat that cyber terrorism poses to businesses underscores the pivotal role of developers in mitigating security risks during the early stages of software development. Recent government research into cyber security corroborates this concern, revealing that two-thirds of large businesses have encountered cyber breaches or attacks in the past year.

In addition to cyber terrorism, around one-fifth of developers also express apprehension about the growing risk of cyber espionage. While cyber espionage shares some similarities with both cyber theft and cyber terrorism, it distinguishes itself by involving the theft of sensitive, classified, or proprietary information, rather than the theft of monetary assets or deliberate acts of sabotage.

Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data, emphasizes the particular unease felt by European developers regarding security. She notes, “Security is especially worrisome for developers in Europe. They are most concerned with the very real threat of terrorism, and the failure of many organizations to implement a formal security strategy just adds to the anxiety. Only 30% of these developers say their company has a formal security policy in place that is adhered to across departments, and that’s very concerning when you think about the other 70%.”

The developers identify two primary obstacles hindering the establishment of enhanced security within their organizations: a lack of funding and a shortage of expertise or training. Furthermore, they point to the mobile client as the weakest link in their security protocols.

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