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‘Survivor and Thriver’: Fran Drescher, Kathy Griffin, Barry Manilow, and More Remember Suzanne Somers

'Survivor and Thriver' Fran Drescher, Kathy Griffin, Barry Manilow, and More Remember Suzanne Somers

The entertainment world is in mourning as Suzanne Somers, the beloved star of the sitcoms “Three’s Company” and “Step by Step,” passed away on Sunday after a prolonged battle with breast cancer. The talented actor would have celebrated her 77th birthday on Monday, October 16.

Suzanne Somers was widely recognized for her iconic roles as the bubbly and endearing “dumb blonde,” Chrissy Snow, in “Three’s Company,” and as the resilient single mom, Carol Foster Lambert, in “Step by Step.” Her departure from “Three’s Company” in 1980 was prompted by her request for equal pay to her male co-star, John Ritter, which was denied.

Following the conclusion of “Step by Step” in 1998, Suzanne embarked on a new career path focused on health and beauty. She became the national spokesperson for the exercise device known as the ThighMaster, eventually building a fitness empire through TV infomercials and expanding into e-commerce. In 2015, she made a memorable appearance on Season 20 of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Numerous celebrities, including Fran Drescher, Kathy Griffin, and Barry Manilow, have paid tribute to Suzanne Somers.

Fran Drescher, president of SAG-AFTRA and star of “The Nanny,” shared a heartfelt Instagram post with a photo of herself and Suzanne, expressing her sadness at the loss of her friend. Drescher described Suzanne as a sweet and talented woman, a wife, and a mother, who had survived and thrived for more than two decades. She urged everyone to spread joy, love, empathy, and kindness as they navigate life and bid farewell to Suzanne, who will be remembered for a long time.

Comedian and actor Kathy Griffin, in a message on Threads, conveyed her shock and sadness over Suzanne’s passing. She remembered Suzanne as a true friend and a “connector” who enjoyed bringing people together. Kathy also recognized her as a pioneer in advocating for equal pay for actresses in situations where men received substantially higher salaries than women.

Barry Manilow, the renowned singer-songwriter, took to Instagram to share his deep connection with Suzanne. He described her as the sister he never had, a close confidant, and a true friend for decades. Barry celebrated her as a multi-talented individual whose fame in various fields overshadowed her remarkable comedic acting abilities, her role as a loving mother, a skilled homemaker, and an exceptional cook. He expressed his profound grief at her passing and wished for her to find peace and relief from pain.

Nancy Sinatra, the singer and daughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra, also shared her condolences on Instagram, expressing her sadness over the loss of Suzanne Somers. She described Suzanne as a special person and hoped for her final journey to be an easy one, extending her blessings for Suzanne’s eternal peace.

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