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The Design Impact of Vela, from Music Tours to Film Festivals, is Revealed


Stepping into the limelight of the creative world is Vela Wang, a name now synonymous with cutting-edge design and awe-inspiring visual storytelling. This 23-year-old luminary is reshaping the graphic design landscape in Los Angeles with her innovative approach and captivating visuals.

A contemporary polymath, Vela showcases her creative prowess across a spectrum of industries, encompassing film, music, visual arts, and digital marketing. Her creations transcend mere designs; they are influential narratives brought to life through a fusion of passion and expertise.

In the realm of digital marketing, Vela’s creative contributions to Mula Media have been pivotal in shaping the brand’s identity. She has crafted social media assets that not only enhance the company’s aesthetic appeal but also expand its reach to an audience surpassing 3.5 million across diverse platforms. This rapidly growing firm, supported by over $100,000 in angel investments, bears testament to Vela’s profound influence on their journey to success.

Within the music industry, Vela’s design contributions have introduced a fresh perspective to the global touring landscape. Esteemed musicians such as CloZee, Bob Moses, and Kyle Kinch have greatly benefited from her visually captivating tour assets, notably for CloZee’s Microworlds tour. Her design work has played a pivotal role in attracting significant media attention to over 50 shows worldwide.

The cinematic realm has also experienced Vela’s transformative impact through her film poster designs. Her artwork for “The Foreigner’s New Adobe” played a crucial role in its recognition as the ‘Best Short’ at the Chinese American Film Festival (C.A.F.F.). Furthermore, her design for “The Thirty Three Stories” was integral to the film becoming a finalist at the WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Vela’s collaborations have extended to industry titans such as Netflix and ARRI. Her design for the poster of ‘Pedacito De Carne,’ presented at the ‘Narrative Short Film Incubator for Women of Color,’ garnered critical acclaim at the 2023 Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival (LALIFF).

Beyond the digital realm, Vela’s creative talent has graced physical galleries. Her solo exhibition, ‘Show-Life Together,’ unveiled a series of animal artworks, while her contribution to the 2022 Visual Art Exhibition of Asian Artists in America showcased her versatile creative expression.

As an active member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) and a fellow of the distinguished Soho House, Vela infuses an empathetic approach into her design, setting her apart. With her distinct style and an exceptional ability to craft visual narratives, the future shines brightly for Vela as she continues to redefine the creative landscape.




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Viola Rowland, an accomplished author at Bee Bumble Entertainment Magazine, blends her love for entertainment with her gift for storytelling. With a knack for capturing the essence of pop culture phenomena, Viola's engaging articles provide readers with fresh insights into the world of entertainment, making her a standout contributor to the magazine.

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