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The Ideal Office Coworker, According to a Survey

The Ideal Office Coworker, According to a Survey

In a survey conducted by the One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards among 2,009 UK adults, which aims to encourage workers to nominate their colleagues for recognition and rewards, respondents were asked about the qualities they value most in their co-workers, providing insights into the attributes of the ‘perfect colleague.’

The data revealed that the ideal colleague is not only proficient in their job but also an approachable and positive influence in the workplace. The ability to achieve tangible results ranked as the top trait (37%), underlining the importance of effectiveness in the workplace. Additionally, it was vital to Brits that their ideal co-worker possessed social skills, including optimism and enthusiasm, to uplift team spirits (31%), and that they could be trusted to keep confidences and listen to concerns (30%).

In addition to these social qualities, the perfect co-worker, according to Brits, would demonstrate initiative (27%) and have a solid knowledge of their field (25%). Other qualities deemed important included meeting deadlines and being organized (24%), as well as being empathetic and offering emotional support (18%).

Traits associated with leadership and competitiveness were less favored, with only 13% and 4% of respondents considering them important in their colleagues.

Dedication, including putting in extra hours or arriving early, was not deemed significantly important, suggesting that working late nights in the office might not earn you many brownie points with colleagues.

Declan Byrne, managing director at One4all Rewards, commented on the findings, stating, “Our colleagues have a significant impact on our lives, given how much time we spend at work. This research highlights that British workers highly value effectiveness as the most crucial trait in an ideal colleague. However, it’s not solely about results; British workers also appreciate colleagues who can offer friendship, boost team morale, and provide a listening ear. This is why our Spotlight Awards encompass categories that recognize not only hardworking individuals in various industries but also those who show empathy and help their co-workers with their issues, such as the Office Sage Award and Team Player of the Year Award.”

The research also delved into the traits valued most by workers in different industries. For instance, skills-based traits like delivering results, expertise, and organizational skills were most important in the financial services (47%), marketing (50%), and education (32%) sectors, respectively. Conversely, softer attributes such as empathy, optimism, enthusiasm, and trustworthiness held the highest value in the financial services (39%), marketing (42%), and leisure and travel (37%) industries.

The One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards offer an opportunity for employers and colleagues to nominate exceptional contributors in the workplace for rewards. To learn more about the awards and to nominate a deserving colleague, visit

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