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The LA Fashion Community Unites for a Memorable Two-Day Fashion Event Hosted by Lonely Ghost & Springy Jeans

The LA Fashion Community Unites for a Memorable Two-Day Fashion Event Hosted by Lonely Ghost & Springy Jeans

The community has always been at the core of Lonely Ghost, a streetwear brand founded in Utah. Their latest collaboration was no exception to this commitment to connecting people. Lonely Ghost’s co-founders, entrepreneur Bronson Christensen and American influencer Indy Blue, joined forces with the creative team at the vintage apparel brand Springy to organize an immersive fashion event for the LA community. Co-founder of Springy, Elijah Baig, expressed their excitement about the collaboration, saying, “Since the launch of Lonely Ghost’s collection, Ghosted Garments, we’ve wanted to collaborate with them, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that it’s finally happening.”

This two-day event commenced with an exclusive, invite-only evening gathering for LA-based influencers. Given the influence of both brands, notable attendees included Jack Wright, Gabby Windey, Allison Rochel, and Ezra Sosa. The event kicked off with the vibrant beats of local LA-based DJ Apphia Castillo. The venue featured various activities, including tooth gems, tattooing, and, most importantly, the opportunity to shop a curated selection of Springy items. Attendees could select an item and then choose from one of six Lonely Ghost prints to have applied to their chosen piece. The available screen prints featured Lonely Ghost slogans such as “Growing is Lonely,” “Lonely Springy,” and “Let’s Grow Together.”

Unquestionably, this was already an iconic event.

For the second part of the event, in true Lonely Ghost style, the venue was open to anyone interested in shopping the collection. This proved to be a massive success, as the streets around the venue were filled with eager shoppers hoping to secure a piece of the action. Similar to the influencer event, attendees could have one of the six Lonely Ghost logos screen printed onto their Springy item. The community event featured 1,500 curated vintage pieces available on a first-come, first-served basis. Of these, 500 pieces were left blank for attendees to choose their preferred graphic. With the strong online and social media presence that Lonely Ghost has cultivated, it was no surprise that a substantial line of eager customers formed, all wanting to get their hands on one of these pieces. Indy Blue, co-founder of Lonely Ghost, shared her thoughts on the event, saying, “[They] have been anxious and excited to make our presence known outside of our home state. Coming to LA for an in-person event is a big milestone for us.”

Given their history of iconic collaborations, it’s no wonder that this partnership with Springy was such a resounding success. Fans of both Springy and Lonely Ghost were able to come together and experience the unique vibe created by these two trendsetting brands. Fostering togetherness and community through fashion is a shared passion for both. Bronson Christensen, co-founder of Lonely Ghost, explained why this collaboration is so special, saying, “The Springy team has been incredibly fun to work with. Their team is pure and full of hustlers. We’ve spent hours and days hand-selecting and strategizing pieces, and it’s been such an enjoyable experience.” This event marks just the beginning of Lonely Ghost’s presence in the LA market, with great potential on the horizon.

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