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The Makers of the Israeli Teen Drama ‘Three’ Believe This Is the Most Crucial Time to Produce Diverse and Socially Conscious Television

The Makers of the Israeli Teen Drama 'Three' Believe This Is the Most Crucial Time to Produce Diverse and Socially Conscious Television

Three,” a socially conscious teenage musical drama that celebrates diversity, is the latest creation from Ananey Studios, Paramount’s Israeli division. The show, making its debut at Mipcom and distributed internationally by Beta Film, revolves around three 16-year-olds from Tel Aviv, each hailing from distinct cultural backgrounds: Yasmin, an Arab Muslim girl; Ella, a Jewish girl and the daughter of a notorious criminal; and Dalina, the daughter of asylum seekers from Eritrea. Together, they form the musical band “Talatha” (meaning “Three” in Arabic), combining their diverse talents and backgrounds to create original music.

The series was conceived by creators Michal Cooper Keren and Lior Yaron after they were invited to conduct a writing workshop in Jaffa, a mixed residential neighborhood in Tel Aviv with residents from diverse backgrounds. In Jaffa, they encountered a group of talented teenage girls who aspired to overcome their challenging circumstances through music but faced significant obstacles due to factors like race, legal status, ethnicity, and socio-economic difficulties. The creators saw this as an opportunity to craft a story centered on talent, ambition, female friendship, personal growth, and social change.

In Israel, diversity and social change are complex and pressing issues, especially regarding cultural diversity. Despite the challenges, Cooper Keren and Yaron felt it was the right time to create a show that addresses these topics, emphasizing the importance of acceptance and unity. They believe this is particularly relevant given the difficult times that teenagers in Israel and worldwide are experiencing, marked by a struggle between their identities and external forces that attempt to stifle their aspirations and voices.

Shirley Oran, Head of Ananey’s Kids & Family division, describes “Three” as representative of the kind of young adult series produced by Ananey. She highlights the unique storytelling, high production value, and diverse ensemble of teenage characters in the show, with a focus on strong, intelligent, and plot-driving female characters. Ananey’s target audience, Gen Z, is a generation known for its social awareness, and the company aims to provide content that offers genuine value.

Oran explains that many of Ananey’s young adult shows, including “Three,” tackle real-life issues and often incorporate a musical component that reinforces the show’s messages. These series address universal themes that resonate with viewers worldwide.

Michal Cooper Keren and Lior Yaron have a track record of creating content for teenagers, including the sci-fi series “Infinity,” the family drama “Exceptional,” and the action-adventure series “Spyders.” They are known for producing shows that engage with the concerns and experiences of young audiences.

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