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Unveiling of Aaron Carter’s Gravestone Prior to First Death Anniversary

Unveiling of Aaron Carter's Gravestone Prior to First Death Anniversary

Less than a month before the first anniversary of Aaron Carter’s passing, his gravestone portrait has been revealed. Aaron was found unresponsive in his bathtub at his Lancaster, Calif., home on November 5, 2022, by his housekeeper, who promptly called 911 for assistance. The Fire/EMS units arrived but tragically pronounced him dead.

The gravestone features a picture of the late “I’m All About You” singer alongside the text: “In Loving Memory Aaron Carter 1987 – 2022.” It also includes the words “Beloved Brother, Son, Friend, & Father of Prince Carter.”

Aaron’s twin sister, Angel, shared this first look at the gravestone, expressing her brother’s love for his fans and inviting everyone to visit and share their memories. She emphasized the importance of having a final resting place where they could celebrate Aaron’s life.

This sorrowful loss came years after the family suffered another tragedy when they lost Aaron’s sister, Leslie, due to a drug overdose. Angel has since been working with a children’s mental health organization, On Our Sleeves, to honor her siblings’ memory and help others.

After an autopsy, Aaron Carter’s body was cremated and laid to rest at the famous Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills cemetery. The family’s matriarch, Jane Carter, intends to scatter Aaron’s ashes in the waters of Florida, mixed with those of Leslie. A small amount of their ashes will be kept and buried with Jane upon her passing.

Following the official cause of death, Aaron’s ex-fiancée Melanie Martin requested a second autopsy, suspecting foul play. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner revealed that Aaron drowned in his bathtub after ingesting alprazolam (a generic Xanax) and inhaling compressed difluoroethane. They determined his death to be accidental, as these substances left him incapacitated and led to his tragic drowning.

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