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We Hope to Bring Some Light to the World: Sipur and Heroes Formats Join Forces on New Cooking Competition Series “SUPERmarketCHEF”

We Hope to Bring Some Light to the World Sipur and Heroes Formats Join Forces on New Cooking Competition Series SUPERmarketCHEF

Sipur and Heroes Formats, divisions of United Heroes Group, have joined forces to create a new cooking competition series titled “SUPERmarketCHEF.” Described as a fast-paced show, it aims to celebrate delicious and simple meals prepared by talented home cooks from diverse cultural backgrounds.

In the series, unsuspecting shoppers recruited at neighborhood supermarkets will audition to become national culinary stars. The standout chef from each location will then compete on a supermarket soundstage, tasked with crafting familiar, delectable dishes at affordable prices. They will have the opportunity to impress both viewers and professional judges, with the potential to vie for the title of Supermarket Chef and a significant prize.

Presented at MipCom by Heroes, “SUPERmarketCHEF” marks the first series under a new unscripted co-development and co-production agreement between Israeli and Ukrainian companies. Pavel Cherepin, co-founder of Heroes Formats, expressed the hope that this show would bring some much-needed light to the world, describing it as entertaining, addictive, and universal in its theme of delicious, home-cooked, economical food prepared by everyday home cooks.

Zipi Rozenblum, Sipur’s head of unscripted formats, emphasized that the partnership emerged from a mutual love for the project, mutual respect, complementary creative abilities, and successful track records in the genre. Sipur is known for “Hungry for Love,” a social experiment dating series that connects the physical hunger for food with the emotional hunger for love.

This agreement, between what the article refers to as “two war-torn nations,” will focus on creating a lineup of high-potential shows for the global market, leveraging the expertise of development teams experienced in reality and light, live-action unscripted productions.

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