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What Happened When Taylor Swift’s Rumored Boyfriend Travis Kelce Was Accused of Cheating by His Ex Years Ago?

What Happened When Taylor Swift's Rumored Boyfriend Travis Kelce Was Accused of Cheating by His Ex Years Ago

Travis Kelce, who has been rumored to be in a relationship with Taylor Swift, faced accusations of cheating from his ex-girlfriend, Maya Benberry. Screenshots of Benberry’s now-deleted tweets on Twitter surfaced, where she expressed her displeasure over Kelce’s alleged infidelity with Kayla Nicole, a journalist. Kelce and Benberry had an on-again, off-again relationship that lasted five years.

Benberry’s tweets hinted at Kelce being in another relationship shortly after their breakup, which she discovered through social media. Kelce has not officially responded to these accusations.

Despite the rumors surrounding Travis Kelce’s romantic life, a source clarified that he and Taylor Swift are merely spending time together and not in an official relationship. The source noted that Kelce has had a crush on Swift for some time.

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