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Why Did Doja Cat Rename Her Album “Scarlet” From “Hellmouth”?

Why Did Doja Cat Rename Her Album Scarlet From Hellmouth

Doja Cat is known for her unpredictable nature, from keeping the media guessing about her album’s genre to changing the album’s title. In a recent interview on “Hot Ones,” she explained why she switched her album title from “Hellmouth” to “Scarlet.”

She revealed that her decision was more about choosing a word she found cool than having deep meaning. Initially, she liked “Hellmouth” for its association with the gates of hell, but over time, she found it too aggressive and fell out of love with it.

Doja Cat acknowledged her tendency to change her mind frequently and indicated that “Scarlet” felt right for her because it paid homage to her previous album, “Hot Pink.” The name of the color implies a connection to someone’s first name rather than merely a color, and red is known for its passionate connotations. Ultimately, she settled on “Scarlet.”

In addition to the album title change, Doja Cat also discussed her shift in fashion style, particularly her decision to shave her hair. She mentioned that this change allowed her to focus more on her clothing choices, as hair presented a different set of challenges. She emphasized the confidence of being bald and how it allowed her to wear cute outfits without concerns about her hair.

Despite being one of the most anticipated albums of 2023, Doja Cat’s “Scarlet” debuted at the No. 4 spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart, which some fans considered a relatively low ranking given her fame and streaming impact. The album features tracks like “Paint The Town Red,” “Attention,” “Monster,” and “Agora Hills.”

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