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With Empress 1908 Gin & Spirits, Up Your Spirit

With Empress 1908 Gin & Spirits, Up Your Spirit

Victoria Distillers, a distinguished family-operated premium gin distillery based in Canada, has been dedicated to crafting artisanal spirits for more than a decade, employing traditional copper pot stills.

Collaborating closely with the iconic Fairmont Empress Hotel, they introduced Empress 1908 Gin. This exceptional gin draws its inspiration from the teas served in the Empress tea room and is distinguished by the unique Blue Suede Shoes blend, achieved by incorporating Butterfly pea blossoms, which imparts its striking indigo blue hue.

Furthermore, the distillery has expanded its offerings, introducing the captivating Elderflower Rose and Indigo Gins, as well as an enticing chocolate liqueur and a spirited creation known as Sidney Spiced.

Empress 1908 Gin excels in a variety of cocktails and, when paired with premium tonic water, transforms into a lighter lavender shade. It not only delivers exquisite flavor but also boasts an exceptional presentation. Empress 1908 Gin has garnered numerous prestigious accolades across various competitions, attesting to its exceptional quality.

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