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“Yet to Come,” a BTS Concert Film, is Coming to Prime Video

Yet to Come, a BTS Concert Film, is Coming to Prime Video

The K-pop concert film “BTS: Yet to Come” is set to have an exclusive release on the Prime Video platform, owned by Amazon, and is scheduled for launch on November 9th in most regions.

The film showcases 19 performances of the popular boy band’s hit songs, including “Dynamite,” “Butter,” “RUN,” “MIC Drop,” and “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).” These performances are intermixed with speeches, dynamic stage setups, and dazzling firework displays.

Originally, this concert was performed by the seven-member group BTS in Busan, in support of the city’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo. It took place at the Asiad Main Stadium and drew an audience of approximately 50,000 people after a venue change. An additional 10,000 spectators watched a live retransmission at Busan Port, while 2,000 more gathered at the tourist hotspot Haeundae.

The concert was also live-streamed on Weverse, the fan platform operated by Hybe, attracting 49 million viewers, although some fans experienced technical issues like frozen or disrupted images.

The concert film, later remixed and re-edited as “BTS Yet To Come In Cinemas,” had a limited theatrical run in January of the same year.

The new concert film is produced by HYBE, CJ 4DPlex, and Trafalgar Releasing. This marks a shift from BTS’s previous partnership with Disney+. The Disney streaming service had previously featured BTS content, including the 4K concert film “BTS: Permission to Dance On Stage – LA,” the docuseries “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star,” and the travel show “In the Soop: Friendication” featuring BTS member V.

David Simonsen, Director of Prime Video in Southeast Asia, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Hybe for the release of “BTS: Yet to Come” on Prime Video, recognizing the global appeal of high-quality Korean content.

Prime Video will make the film available in 240 countries and territories starting on November 9th, with the exception of Japan, where it will debut on December 1st.

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