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You Can Expect Traditional Food And Vintage Decor At Irish Country House

You Can Expect Traditional Food And Vintage Decor At Irish Country House

Located in Donegal, Ireland, Castle Grove Country House has a rich history spanning nearly four centuries, and it found its current proprietors, Mary and Raymond Sweeney, in 1989.

Featuring 12 Georgian-style rooms, Castle Grove Country House has garnered favor among patrons of all age groups and is a coveted destination for weddings. The house is enveloped by verdant landscapes, providing a serene backdrop for visitors to unwind in Queen Anne armchairs beside a warm, crackling log fire. An inviting parlour awaits, adorned with a pristine white marble fireplace, a resplendent Waterford crystal chandelier, 19th-century framed artworks, and an array of brass artifacts.

The capacious dining room specializes in classic Irish cuisine, sourcing fresh ingredients from the adjacent walled garden. The menu tempts guests with delectable offerings like homemade tortellini in a tomato sauce infused with green peas, breaded fish tail, and slow-roasted Irish beef accompanied by Yorkshire pudding.

For those with a sweet tooth, a selection of desserts awaits, including Tunisian-style orange cake and cheesecake. However, the standout choice is the sticky toffee pudding complemented by sea salted caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Visitors can also venture outdoors, where chairs are thoughtfully positioned along the country lane leading to the main road, creating a tranquil setting outside the main entrance.

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